Jazz Ensembles

A jazz band for your event creates a different type of atmosphere from a traditional pop or rock covers band. Whether you're looking for background music for your meal or some swing classics for the dancefloor, we can provide it. As we own all our own equipment (drums, piano, PA, amplifiers), we can play a variety of spaces and venues. Below are some example lineups that we offer:

Three-piece band

Bass, keys, drums.

Bass, keys, saxophone.

£120 per hour

Four-piece band

Bass, keys, drums, saxophone.

Bass, keys, drums, vocals.

£160 per hour

Four-piece band

Bass, keys, drums, alto sax, tenor sax.

Bass, keys, drums, saxophone, vocals.

Bass, keys, drums, guitar, trumpet.

£200 per hour

Above prices are not-inclusive of travel and are able to change based on the scale of your event. Bookings in and around Edinburgh considered.

Get in contact for more details.